Beautiful antique reproduction home bars and home pubs

Bring England to you in one of our English/European inspired home bars or outdoor garden furniture.

The English Bar Company sells home bars and pubs styled to resemble antique originals.  Our bars are perfect for home basements and game rooms.  All bars are constructed from mahogany and a perfect addition to your furniture collection.

If you would like to enjoy your own casual experience in your home, please visit for a selection of home bars/pubs perfect for your home. Beautiful antique reproduction home bars and home pubs!

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    BY ALEX BOZIKOVIC FROM THE MARCH 2021 ISSUE OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE MAGAZINE. The center of Toronto, a city of almost three million, is becoming increasingly crowded. So how can the city answer the need for public space? By remaking streets. A scheme by the landscape architects PUBLIC WORK proposes converting half of Toronto’s University Avenue


    The things our art director, Chris McGee, hated to leave out of the current issue of LAM. From “Toward Reclamation” in the March 2021 issue by Timothy A. Schuler, about how federal recognition of a critical ecosystem in California where five waterways collide can maintain the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta’s cultural heritage and ecological integrity. “Flooded fields


    FOREGROUND     Cracking Up (Materials) Concrete cracks inevitably, but there are steps designers can take to help alleviate stress. FEATURES   Toward Reclamation A National Heritage Area designation brings the overlooked cultural history of the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta, long seen as California’s plumbing system, to light. The Big Deal A small city in rural North


    BY ZACH MORTICE An online exhibit hosted by the New York Botanical Garden decodes plants’ relationships to Black people.   Of the five plants featured in the New York Botanical Garden’s online exhibition Black Botany: The Nature of Black Experience, some are cash crops typically associated with Black people and slavery, such as cotton and rice.


    As part of an ongoing effort to make content more accessible, LAM will be making select stories available to readers in Spanish. BY JANE MARGOLIES FROM THE FEBRUARY 2021 ISSUE OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE MAGAZINE.   When the novelist and philanthropist MacKenzie Scott, the former wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, gave away more than $4.1

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  • How 2020 Encouraged Every Homeowner to Become an Empowered Gardener

    This year, the normally quiet streets and neighborhoods became a bustling sight of people outside, puttering and cleaning and building in their landscapes. Nurseries and garden center shelves were stripped clean of blooming perennials, seasonal annuals, and bulbs soon after being stocked. Even Christmas trees and holiday decor sold out early this year. We saw record traffic to our landscape blog library, even when I stopped posting (it was a weird year to juggle being an employer and a blogger). To say that people felt empowered to get out into their yards feels like an understatement! So what takeaway tips will 2020 give us?

  • Why now is the time to create a home vegetable garden

    As the current battle against the coronavirus rages and images of wartime are invoked, memories of the famous “victory gardens” of World War I and II come to mind. During both wars, over 20 million victory gardens, large and small, were planted and produced almost 40 percent of the nation’s fresh vegetables. People grew their own produce in planters, on fire escapes, in empty lots and backyards.  Today, as the pandemic takes hold around the world, panicky shoppers are cleaning out stores, and basic foods like dried beans and potatoes are becoming increasingly difficult to find. As a result, even individuals with no gardening experience are searching YouTube for DIY videos on building raised beds and planting gardens.

  • The Garden Continuum Launches New Online Landscape Education Resource

    We're proud to announce the launch of The Garden Continuum's new web platform called TGC Academy. This new service offers information to help landscape professionals and garden enthusiasts become better gardeners and to support business owners to grow their business.  At the time of this launch, many people find themselves at home because of state and local travel restrictions caused by the spread of COVID-19. To take your mind off of these world events, this may be the perfect time to explore this new resource, to learn something new, and to inspire your next actions in your garden or business.

  • How your landscape helps you manage fear and anxiety

    The current coronavirus pandemic is affecting virtually everyone in different ways and degrees. One thing is for sure, though, anxiety and fear have increased across the board. Fortunately, there is a proven treatment that is as close as the nearest door to the outside.

  • Book Launch: Stop Landscaping. Start Life-Scaping.

    I am excited to release my new book out into the world with its official launch on this special day. March 23rd is my mother’s birthday and it’s been two years since her passing. She was an instrumental guide and teacher throughout my writing journey, editing my very first printed newsletters and encouraging me to find and own my unique voice. 

  • Forcing Branches

    It can get addictive--bringing dormant branches into the house so they can flower early is one way to get the jump on spring. Click the link to find out how!

  • My New Fave Winter Bloomer

    Tired of forcing the same bulbs every winter? Let me introduce you to the Madeiran squill. Click to learn more:

  • A Year at Brandywine Cottage: Book Review

    A Year at Brandywine Cottage complements David Culp's previous book, The Layered Garden. They each inspire in different ways.

  • A Dahlia Grows in the Basement

    Oopsie. I finally decided to figure out what was in the garbage bag in the seed-starting area of the basement, and it's a dahlia. Sprouting. Now what do I do?

  • Minding the Garden: Book Review

    Minding the Garden makes me pause and think about my own garden, bringing back memories of its beauty. It's also reassuring to see how Lilactree Farm has changed in thirty years--there's hope for my garden! This is a great book to give as a gift--or hint for this holiday season.


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