1218 Liggett Street/172 South Forbes


Office + Front Parking
No yard or property use

Absolutely, no use of the main property and surrounding area even on temporary basis.  Limited fence potential on side/behind building.  This property is part of a larger project in the future.  A long-term lease is not available including extensive renovation to fit your requirements.  Reasonable expectations should be 2-5 years.

You can use your mouse to move around the office. Click the X or ESC button to go back to small screen.

Click 3D model and wait a minute as it loads the building.
  • Gas HVAC.
  • Gas Water Heater.
  • Zoned I-1 although also under adaptive reuse (property project).
  • One-Year Lease with Options.

(305) 307-5177 We will discuss some basic renovation/improvements.